The State of Referral Marketing in 2017: A Web Profits Analysis

2015 was the year of content marketing.
In 2016, all anybody could talk about was influencer marketing.
So what’s 2017 going to be about? While effective web marketing tactics abound, we’re putting our money on referral marketing as this year’s hottest trend.
That’s not to say that referral marketing is new. In fact, it’s been around since retailers realized it was more effective to leverage their satisfied customers to drive new sales than to drum up purchases from a cold audience.
Referral marketing made its mark on the web thanks to high-profile growth hacking successes. Dropbox’s $10 billion empire was built almost entirely on its “give us a customer, get free space” promotion, while Airbnb used personalized referral messages (among other tactics) to drive its current $20-$25 billion valuation.


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